• Telecaster style pickups

Wiggins Brand pickups are made with the finest hard woods, top and bottom. They are scatter wound by hand, one by one, and are made to order with your specifications. Please select the top wood color, the sound (wind), and the engraving design.

• Telecaster style pickups are priced per set of two. If you need a single bridge or neck, or have a special design consideration, please email.

Current build time is approx. 6 weeks. Thank you.





All of our pickups are/have:

• Hand Wound
• Alnico 5 magnets
• Plain Enamel Copper Wire
• Thick Ribbon Taped for Coil Protection
• 10" Vintage Style Cloth Lead Wires


Need custom engraving? Email Us!

Pricing starts at $35 per hour of design work (pro rated for less time).











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Standard Wood Types Available:

Figured MapleWalnutMesquitePadauk


Wind Styles Available:

Vintage (smooth & bright; great for country/classic rock)

Overwound (warm smooth darker tone; great for hard rock)

Texas Wound (blusey & gritty, hot bridge, vintage neck & middle; great for country, blues & rock)

Hot (loud and gritty with dark tone; great for hard rock and metal)

Engraving Designs Available:

Plain Wiggins Brand Logo

Western Engraving

View our Pickup Gallery for more designs.








Wiggins Brand Custom Pickups

We use only the finest solid hardwoods available for our pickups & build our pickups one at at time by hand.

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