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Thank you Matt Kaip for this great video running down different playing styles with a set of Wiggins Brand Telecaster pickups! You've got some awesome technique!




Have a listen of some swanky, swampy blues from Dennis Hunt! This beauty was hand made from scratch by Dennis, and outfitted with a 4 string pickup with our 5 cent design. Check out that beautifully engraved detailing of the headstock! This guitar is a work of art.

Dennis Hunt cigar box guitar with Wiggins Brand PickupDennis Hunt cigar box guitar with Wiggins Brand Pickup









Prolific and awesome CBG guitar luthier Rob Wrobel reviews a Wiggins Brand three string pickup made out of figured maple and matching pickup ring. This guitar is called the "Andalusia Bull III" (see it being played below!)

Check out more of Rob's work on Reverb:






The amazing Jason Tyler Findley trying out the
Andalusia Bull III LIVE!

CBG by Rob Wrobel with William Wiggins Brand pickups. 8-2017


Cigar Box Guitar 3 string pickup sound bite by Big Bo (, an amazing blues musician that hails from the Netherlands. Huge thanks to Bo for making & sharing your video! Click on the link above to go to his website, and hear more Big Bo blues!


We recently had the pleasure of creating a beautiful Flamed Koa pickup set for Ray Flanagan's Strat, and it looks and sounds incredible.

Have a listen to Ray Flanagan & The Authorities "The Best We Can" official music video, and an awesomely ultimate Wiggins Brand pickup sound review!

You can hear more from his new album here, and visit Ray's website to hear more,



Ray Flanagan & The Authorities "The Best We Can" from Ray Flanagan on Vimeo.

Ray Flanegan custom koa pickups from Wiggins BrandWiggins Brand Pickups with Ray Flanagan



HUGE thanks to Phil McKnight who has helped us tremendously with giving our pickups some exposure.

Check out another great review from Phillip McKnight & his custom made Fender AZ Copper Strat outfitted with our Birdseye Maple overwound set.

Phil has an amazing YouTube channel called "Know Your Gear". You will learn everything you would ever want to know about guitars & gear, and the latest industry news to keep you in the know!
Check it out and subscribe!



Thanks again Phil McKnight for another great review, this time of our Telecaster pickups.



Phil McKnight reviews our Flamed Koa Stratocaster set. Thanks for the awesome review Phillip!





Ebony Wood Overwound Telecaster Set Sound Bite with
William Wiggins.




Maple Wood Texas Wound Stratocaster Set Sound Bite with
William Wiggins


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