• Top Hat Style Custom Glass Control Knobs

Wiggins Brand Custom Glass Guitar Knobs are made using lampwork (also known as "torchworked" or "flameworked) techniques. Each knob is made individually by hand, and fitted with a plastic insert to fit snuggly over your 6mm split shaft pot.
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Relic Stone Series



Top Hat Shape Specs:


Each knob is fitted with a plastic insert to fit 6mm split shaft pots.

About Surface Texture:

Shiny ~ This is the natural finish of glass. It is slick to the touch, and has a water-like appearance with transparent colors.

Matte ~ This surface is achieved by a chemical immersion bath after the knob has been made. It's a permanent texture that adds "tooth" to the knob in feel, and creates a soft porcelain-like appearance on opaque colors, or a "beach glass" effect on transparent colors.










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