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Wiggins Brand Glass Guitar Control Knobs


Wiggins Brand Glass Control Knobs Custom Design


Custom speed knob set for an amazing Gretsch G6199T BillyBo replica for a customer from across the pond.

Our design concept with our customer brought us to a set of three speed style knobs in black glass, 24k gold leaf embedded into the glass, a red dot accent and then sides of the knobs were etched for a velvety matte surface.




WEB guitar with Wiggins Brand pickups and knobs



wiggins brand glass guitar control knobs purple

Our customer, WEB Guitars, had us make a set of pickups for this beautiful Strat using the same flamed purple heart wood used for the body. We also made the glass top hat style control knobs in a similarly matching transparent purple glass over cream colored opaque glass, and accented the top with handmade, lustered metallic murrini and a single raised & tactile black dot.

These knobs shimmer in the light, and are one-of-a-kind.




A gorgeous Prince tribute Gibson with intense custom purple swirled glass in speed shape knobs.

Thank you Phillip Rackley!

This luscious, one-of-a-kind color series called "Cosmos" is made with a very special, silver-rich glass that produces all these velvety blues and purple colors. No two knobs are ever exactly the same. They're truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art and difficult to reproduce.

Prince Tribute Guitar custom purple glass knobs by Wiggins Brand

Another custom order made for a customer who created this one-of-a-kind Prince Tribute Guitar. Uniquely intense purple glasses swirled together to create these top hat shaped knobs.


Acid Apple Green guitar knob wiggins brand


One of the cool things about being a glass artist, is that once in a while a great new color comes along, and you just know it's destined for something fun. This new "acid green" is one such color, and it really is as juicy as it looks!

Wiggins Brand guitar knobs mondrian

Custom speed style knob for a customer requesting
the typical bright primary colors of contemporary
artist, Piet Mondrian.



"Firestorm" Series
Knob sets with precious silver-rich glass that produces a rainbow of colors in this exotic twisted effect.

Top hat style top, speed style bottom.

Wiggins Brand Gitar Pickups and KnobsWiggins Brand Guitar Pickups
Wiggins Brand Glass Control Guitar knobs in Speed Knob Shape

Wiggins Brand Hard Rock Candy glass knob colors

A sample of available colors in our "Hard Rock Candy" semi-opaque glass knob style. These colors are luminescent, & have a glow from within. Knobs can be made in either Tele style (shown here), top hat or speed style in any color.

Wiggins Brand glass glitter custom guitar knob

This is a new concept knob using highly reflective metallic "glitter" that shifts many different colors depending on the lighting and angle. Here, the colors shift from coral orange, pink, silver pink and greenish-silver. Because there is a clear glass "lens" over the glitter, the shape of this knob style has a rounded top and referred to as "bowler hat".

Wiggins Brand Glass Guitar Knobs








Guitar jewelry for a beauty in swirly blues, teals and purples! Incredible custom guitar by Todd Wright.






Surf green etched "sea glass" knobs fit perfectly with this gorgeous one-of-a-kind guitar. (right & bottom)

Wiggins brand guitar top hat glass custom knobs


custom guitar knobs handmade

Etched matte top hat knobs in chocolate and caramel tones. Same colors were used in both sets, just worked differently to produce unique results.

Wiggins Brand Glass Guitar Knobs

Wiggins Brand Guitar knobs

This beautiful set with variegated mint green and turquoise tones is achieved by using a special copper rich glass. Cream and mint rings were alternately applied, and because the cream color reacts chemically with the mint, dark lines are produced where the two meet. It's a beautiful and striking effect. To finish the look, they were then etched to a velvety matte surface.

wiggins brand glass guitar control knobs ivory
Wiggins Brand all glass control knobs for guitar

An alternate version of the concentric circle top hat knobs in crackled ivory.


wiggins brand custom glass guitar knobs

Wiggins Brand All glass control knobs custom


Custom glass top hat guitar knob wiggins brand

This was a recent and fun custom job. Our customer wanted something unique to go on his 5 string bass guitar, something that would compliment the gorgeous teal-green fade finish on the spalted wood body.

I came up with a series of top hat knobs that feature glass in transparent dark teal at the base that blends into a light bottle green glass at the top. Interspersed throughout each knob are fine silver droplets and trails that have reacted with the grey-green opaque glass at the base to create interesting halos and designs.



Wiggins Brand Custom Unique Glass Guitar Knobs

Above: This beautiful strat was outfitted with a set of our custom "Longboard" style hand painted pickups and matching "seaglass" glass guitar top hat style knobs.


Wiggins Brand Ivory Glass Control Knobs for guitar

Above: A unique Strat with a custom, hand tooled leather pickguard matched with our "Western Design" pickups in a beautiful warm toned wood, and finished with three of our matte crackled "Reliced Ivory" glass guitar knobs.


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• Glass Control Knob Care:

Glass knobs are very durable and easy to care for, but they are glass and can break or chip if smacked hard enough or dropped. When installing them on your guitar, take care not to force them onto the pot shaft (split shaft pots only!). If the fit seems too tight, simply close the split shaft with pliers a little at a time to test snugness. If too loose, open up the pot shaft a little. Knobs should be installed by pressing straight down onto the shaft, and not a an angle. Press the knob down as far as it will go easily. There will be an approximate 3mm gap between the knob and the guitar face, depending on how high the retaining nut is on your guitar. To remove a knob, simply pull straight up, but try not to torque back and forth. It is also advisable NOT to use a metal jack, as this can chip the bottom edge of the knob. Cleaning is simple, a little soap and water is all you need, but don't use an abrasive pad or gritty cleaners as this can scratch the glass. Enjoy your one-of-a-kind handcrafted glass knobs!


Wiggins Brand Custom Pickups

We use only the finest solid hardwoods available for our pickups & build our pickups one at at time by hand.

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